Will Bear Costume Get Presidential Candidates Talking About National Parks?

Teddy for President; NPCA photo
The NPCA has launched a new campaign. They've put Teddy Mather (a person in a bear costume) in the race for President. The idea is a bit amusing, but it's got a serious point. Of the dozen or so contenders for the Oval Office, why haven't we heard any of them talking about the National Parks yet?

Padre Island Interpretive Program Simply Succeeds

Padre Island touch table; 'qnr' photo via Flickr
Interpretive programs, when done well, can provide an important aspect of resource protection. The guided beach walk at Padre Island National Seashore is one such example. By the end of the program, this newspaper reporter had a different outlook on his environment.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalized

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalism; NPS photo by Terry Adams.
Earlier this month, on September 7th, someone walked along the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with some type of oil, squirting it secretly on the Wall as they walked by. The unknown oil has done real damage to the polished granite surface.

Management of Lady Liberty Discussed in Congress

Statue of Liberty; 'Dutchnatasja' photo via Flickr.
UPDATED: The United States Congress is mad at the National Park Service. Congress cannot figure out why the parks are not listening them, after they've been asked more than once by the House to open up the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Congress has given unsolicited money to Liberty to get it open, and there had been a campaign which raised millions from across the nation for the same purpose, but still, 6 years after it was closed, there remains no public access to the crown.

Adventure Seeking in Yosemite with YouTube

Hang glider soaring through Yosemite National Park, with video on YouTube
Camera in hand, adventure seekers are sharing their experiences in Yosemite National Park with the world via YouTube. Three videos here, hang gliding over the valley, a 3000 foot slackline attempt (like a tight rope walk), and a hike up Half Dome with hundreds of other folks. Of the three, the crowds at Half Dome give me the most chills.

Alcatraz Event on YouTube

YouTube coverage of the ExpreScion event held on Alcatraz Island recently. I am struck by the comments of one participant who is troubled that a party is happening on a site protected for its past agony.