Winter Film Festival Slated For Women's Rights National Historical Park in New York

There's more to Women's Rights National Historical Park than meets the eye. For instance, visit the park this winter and you'll be able to learn something about Mount Rainier National Park, or August Saint-Gaudens, or even Rosie the Riveter.

Women's History Month is Celebrated in the National Parks

The National Park Service uses exhibits, programs, and special events to help celebrate Women's History Month in the national parks, and not just ones that were established to honor women.

National Park Quiz 12: The Fair Sex

Women’s achievements are underrepresented in the National Park System, but some parks have been dedicated for that purpose and some others include exhibits, statues, or other features honoring women. Take this week’s quiz and see if your left-brain thinking is up to speed. Answers are at the end. No peeking, please.