Fern Lake Fire Flares Up, Leads To Evacuation Order For Parts Of Gateway Town To Rocky Mountain National Park

A stubborn wildfire in Rocky Mountain National Park that has been smoldering and actively burning off and on since early October has flared up under gusting winds, forcing authorities to order the evacuation of outlying areas of Estes Park, Colorado.

August 20-21 Marks 100th Anniversary of the "Big Blowup"

Do you know what event occurred 100 years ago that has been dubbed the "Big Blowup"? It resulted in major changes in the approach to both a natural phenomenon and man-made catastrophes that affect public lands and private property all over the world.

Yosemite National Park Officials Declare the 2009 Fire Season is Officially Over .

Helicopter dropping water on a fire.
The 2009 fire season is over at Yosemite National Park—at least officially—and Mother Nature ended it with a big splash.

UPDATED: Cape Royal Road at Grand Canyon National Park Closed by Wildfire

firefighter with drip torch
The Cape Royal Road on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park has been closed for several days due to a wildfire. It has reopened with pilot car escorts from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily. Five other small fires in the area are not affecting visitor activities.

Wildfire at Zion National Park Prompts Closure of a Section of West Rim Trail

Zion National Park by Ken Lund.
If you're headed to Zion National Park in the next few days, you may notice a bit of smoke in the canyon at night, and a section of the West Rim Trail has been closed temporarily. Both are the result of a small wildfire in the northern portion of the park.

Some Popular Trails are Closed in Great Smoky Mountains National Park as Crews Combat Wildfires

If you’ve made plans to hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park this week, inquire about trail closings before you leave home. Five of the park’s trails have been closed as crews deal with three wild fires and some flare-ups.

60 Minutes : The Age of Megafires

60 Minutes : The Age of the Megafire
"60 Minutes" examines the increasing rate, intensity, and size of wildfires in the West. This is an issue that affects all land management agencies, including the National Park Service. Past fire management practices and climate change are a combination that foster the new age of megafires.

Fire Continues to Keep Yellowstone's East Entrance Closed

For those planning a Yellowstone vacation in the immediate future, know that the East Entrance to the park currently is closed due to forest fires burning in the area.

Zion Fire Complex Nearing 10,000 Acres, Yellowstone Fire Grows

Continued dry, windy conditions have allowed the Dakota Complex of fires in Zion National Park to grow to nearly 10,000 acres in the park's backcountry. Fire bosses say they've contained just 10 percent of the fires, and the current weather conditions, the rugged terrain the fires are located within, and the possibility of thunderstorms are compounding efforts to get better control over the blazes.

Fires in Zion Force Backcountry Closure

If you're heading to Zion National Park, I hope you're not planning to head into the backcountry. Beginning today park officials have shut down backcountry travel, including canyoneering, because of fires burning there.