Essential Paddling Guide '15: 10 Great Whitewater Paddles In The National Parks

There are a lot of whitewater runs in the National Park System just waiting for you out there. Some for experts, others intermediates, and a few that will help a novice gain confidence.

Essential Winter Guide '14: Winter Doesn't Have To Be An Off-Season

When it comes to construction skills, male Anhingas are slackers. Oh, they’re good at pulling together nesting materials, but that’s about it. Instead of turning the sticks, twigs, and leafy greenery they collect into a nest for their mates, they stash the materials in trees and let the females build the actual nest.

Lawsuit Seeks Full Environmental Review Of "Fracking" Near Delaware Water Gap NRA, Upper Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River

Concerns over how "fracking" for natural gas might impact Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and the Upper Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River have led to a lawsuit seeking a full environmental review of the operations.

List of Top 10 Endangered Rivers Includes Two That Flow Through The National Park System

American Rivers came out there other day with its top 10 list of endangered rivers, and No. 1 was the Upper Delaware, which flows through the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. No. 3 also falls in the National Park System, the Gauley River around which the Gauley River National Recreation Area rises up from.

PFDs Are Proven Lifesavers. Should Boaters be Required to Wear Them?

Two men in canoe tipping over.
Personal flotation devices (PFDs), otherwise known as life jackets, are proven lifesavers for boaters—if they're properly worn. Should boaters be required to wear them? A recent incident at the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River confirms that's a good idea.