Congress Asked To Approve Supplemental Appropriation Of $400 Million For National Parks To Recover From Sandy

Congress has been asked to provide nearly $400 million to help National Park System units recover from damages inflicted by "superstorm" Sandy earlier this fall.

Three Weeks After Superstorm Sandy Struck, National Parks Along Eastern Seaboard Still Digging Out

Crews continue to work to return to service units of the National Park System that were hammered by Superstorm Sandy back on October 29, with personnel coming from as far as the National Park Service's Intermountain Region to help with the cleanup.

"Peopling of America" Exhibit Traces Roots of Those Who Passed Through Ellis Island ... And Those Who Came Before

Among the interesting exhibits at Ellis Island National Monument is one called "Peopling of America" that traces the paths taken by immigrants to the United States, both before and after the island's immigration center opened for business.

New Exhibit At Ellis Island National Monument Brings "The Rock" East

"The Rock" is heading east. Through mid-January a traveling exhibit on the hard times prisoners faced at Alcatraz Island when it housed a high security federal prison will explore daily life faced by the inmates.

Exhibit at Ellis Island National Monument Profiles Basques

There is a new exhibit at Ellis Island National Monument: Hidden in Plain Sight: the Basques:

Bruce Springsteen, Dikembe Mutombo Honored At Ellis Island National Monument

It's not every day you can write a story that puts Bruce Springsteen inside the National Park System, but he and others were honored the other day with Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards.

A New Exhibit at Ellis Island Tells the Story of the Lenape, the People Who Were There First

A new exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum sheds light on a seldom-noted fact; when Henry Hudson discovered New York Harbor, the Lenape were already there.

National Park Mystery Photo 15 Revealed: Annie Moore Was First at Ellis Island

That wisp of a smile belonged to Annie Moore, the first immigrant processed at Ellis Island, which you find today at the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Nighttime Tours Set for Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, To Celebrate National Public Lands Day

As part of the celebration surrounding National Public Lands Day and the official roll-out of Ken Burns' documentary on national parks, the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island will be open for evening tours on September 24 and 25th.

At Statue of Liberty National Monument, Save Ellis Island, Inc., Works to Restore Ellis Island’s Time-Ravaged Buildings

When Ellis Island became part of Statue of Liberty National Monument in 1965, its buildings were in terrible condition. By 1990, only the Main Building and some other north side buildings had been restored. In 2000, Save Ellis Island, Inc. and its partners began the expensive task of stabilizing and restoring the south side buildings.