"Add An Acre, Sell An Acre" Proposal Aimed At Keeping Federal Estate From Growing Introduced To Congress

In an effort to keep the federal landscape from growing appreciably, a Republican from Virginia has introduced to Congress a measure that would, in many cases, require land-management agencies to offset every acre added to their oversight by selling an acre.

Reader Participation Day: How Would You Build A "Top 10" National Parks List?

Recently, a website that will go unmentioned put together a list of "the nation's worst national parks." While that list was soundly, and justifiably, ridiculed and dismissed, it brings to mind this question: What are the nation's best national parks? If you were to compile a Top 10 list of national parks, which would you include on it?

Books We Read In 2014, And Which You Might Like

Despite all the electronic gadetry that allows you to consume media, hard-bound and paperback books continue to hold a considerable marketshare. And more than a few of those titles have something to do with national parks. We read as much as we could this year, and came away with the following reviews for your consideration.

Groups Sue Over U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service's Refusal To Provide Wolverine With Endangered Species Act Protection

Whether climate change is adversely impacting wolverines, something the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service believes is uncertain, is being challenged by a coalition of conservation groups that is suing the agency to provide Endangered Species Act protection to the small carnivores.
wolverine_lawsuit_earthjustice_10-2014.pdf1.7 MB

Made In America: National Park Concessionaires Offering More Items Made In America

Next time you find yourself in a gift shop at a national park, check out where the items were made. You just might be surprised that a majority of the items are made in America, with fewer and fewer bearing an oval gold-and-black 'Made in China' sticker on them.

Could Take Two Weeks Before Denali Park Road Operating Normally Following Flooding

It could take until mid-July before the entire Denali Park Road is operating normally in the wake of flooding that damaged the far western end of the 92-mile road, according to Denali National Park officials.

Conference On Best Environmental Practices For Climbing Community Coming In July

A conference next month will discuss how the climbing community can leave an even smaller footprint on the world's peaks.

Time To Sign Up For Summer Field Courses In The National Parks

Sure, it's winter, but you shouldn't be neglecting your summer fun. Now's the time to be signing up for field courses in the national parks.

Top National Park Service Officials Reverse Decision Tied To Fatal Climbing Accident

While a 2011 fatal climbing accident in Denali National Park led local Park Service officials to deny the outfitter involved in the matter "preferred status" for permit renewal, officials in the agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters overturned that decision.
Mountain Trip International Ruling.pdf1.52 MB
Minus 148: First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley (Legends and Lore) It was an audacious gambit, one that had never been attempted before, and which almost ended from the get-go.

Smokejumpers Called In To Protect Historic Structures From Wildfires In Denali National Park

A team of smokejumpers has been working in the backcountry of Denali National Park to protect some historic structures from wildfires that are burning nearby them.

"Flightseers " Spend Fourth Of July Stranded On Denali National Park Glacier

A group of visitors enjoying Denali National Park from the air spent the Fourth of July grounded on a glacier on Mount McKinley and were awaiting help from rangers bringing tents, food, and warm clothing on foot.

Shooting Of Moose At Denali National Park Deemed Justifiable Self-Defense

How would you react if charged by a moose? A visitor at Denali National Park, worried about the safety of others, shot the animal in the head, a decision the Park Service has determined was justifiable.
The Seventymile Kid: The Lost Legacy of Harry Karstens and the First Ascent of Mount McKinley Turn-of-the-century Alaska was a harsh, demanding, and yet exhilarating place, a landscape that didn't suffer greenhorns. Nineteen-year-old Harry Karstens thrust himself into this setting in 1897 to join the Gold Rush, and went on to cast a long shadow in the state's history, and not just because of his role in summiting Mount McKinley.

Registration For Field Courses In Denali National Park Opens January 9

Winter months are planning months (unless you can escape to a warm, sandy location). And beginning January 9, you'll be able to start planning a summer journey to Denali National Park and Preserve for a field seminar hosted by Alaska Geographic.

Reader Participation Day: Should The National Park Service Ban Solo Hikers In Grizzly Bear Territory?

Does the National Park Service have to rethink its rules when it comes to backcountry travel in known grizzly bear habitat? That question grows in importance in the wake of last week's fatal mauling of a backpacker in Denali National Park.

Politicians, Staff Heading To National Parks During Congressional Recess

Denali National Park and Preserve seems to be quite popular this August with congressional staffers, though a number of other parks also are destinations for politicians and their staff during the August recess.

Annual Road Lottery Opens June 1 At Denali National Park And Preserve

For the next 30 days you'll be able to enter for a chance to drive along the Denali Park Road this fall.

Investigation Shows Denali Climbing Team Doomed By Lack Of Equipment, Poor Decision-Making

With biting temperatures no higher than 20 degrees below zero, and winds that would gust to near 80 mph, the four-man climbing team on Mount McKinley had precious little margin for error. And when they tumbled 300-500 feet down "Pig Hill," suffering broken bones and contusions, that margin quickly began to unravel.
DENA-Staeheli SAR Report NPS.pdf759.46 KB

App Review: Field Guide, Tips For Photographing The American Wilderness

In his first app for the iPad, national parks photographer Ian Shive explores how he captures the best expressions of the American wilderness and leaves you with some helpful tips that can help you hone your photographic skills.

Updated: Climbing Fees Rising At Denali National Park and Preserve

It will cost more to climb Mount McKinley and Mount Foraker in Denali National Park and Preserve, as park officials are moving to offset the cost of protecting and rescuing climbers.
Trains of Discovery: Railroads and the Legacy of Our National Parks For years I've been searching for railroad memorabilia tied to the national parks: Posters, luggage stickers, calendars, even timetables from the Northern Pacific, Great Northern Railway, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific.
Permanent Vacation: Twenty Writers on Work and Life in Our National Parks Millions of people visit our national parks each year, and some never leave. See iconic landscapes through the eyes of bed makers, bridge builders, rangers, and wranglers. Rip through rapids, disappear inside canyons, and witness personal transformations from petrified forest to permafrost. Learn what it's like to ditch the mainstream and make a life in our nation's best idea.

Backpacker Magazine's National Parks Collector's Edition

Backpacker magazine has devoted its June issue to the national parks, and the 112-page mag packs quite a lot of information -- including some great features on park destinations and a discussion-spurring list of parks the editor-in-chief would do away with in favor of new units -- between the covers.

Two Climbers Killed While Working New Route on Mount Frances in Denali National Park

An apparent avalanche has killed two climbers attempting a new route on the west face of Mount Frances, a 10,450-foot peak just north of the Kahiltna Basecamp on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve.

1,000-Foot-Fall Kills Italian Climber on Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park

A 67-year-old Italian climber became the second fatality in a week on Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park when he fell 1,000 feet Monday while making an unroped traverse of Denali Pass.

Climbers in Mt. McKinley Accident Identified by Denali National Park Officials

Two Americans, an Irishman, and a Swiss climber were identified by Denali National Park officials as the quartet involved in an accident near the roof of Mount McKinley that wound up killing one of the four.

Mt. McKinley Climbing Accident In Denali National Park Leaves One Dead, Another Rescued At 19,500 Feet

A break in 70 mph winds Thursday evening allowed search-and-rescue personnel to rescue an injured climber at 19,500 feet on Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, though another member of the climbing party was found dead on the mountain.

High-Elevation Rescue Under Way Thursday On Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park

Mountaineering rangers were working Thursday evening on a bid to rescue climbers scattered high on Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park following an accident in which a guide and three climbers tumbled down a section of the mountain near the summit.

Summer Special: Wildflowers in the National Parks

Gray's Lily on the MST on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Summer brings a wealth of flowers to those parks that have enjoyed spring flowers like Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It also brings flowers to Rocky Mountain National Park and the parks in Alaska where the snow is just melting.