National Park Service Looking To Reduce Illegal Predator Hunting In National Preserves In Alaska

Annual problems with predator hunting in national preserves in Alaska have prompted the National Park Service to propose a permanent federal prohibition against certain hunting practices.

Climate Change Poses Risks Of Flooding, Erosion, And Fires To National Park Units And Their Treasures

Treasures of history, culture, and natural beauty contained within the National Park System are increasingly at risk to the perils of climate change, with flooding and wildfire likely to sweep numerous park sites across the country, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Woolly Mammoth Bones Discovered At Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Have Stories To Tell

A scattering of bones from a Woolly Mammoth that died more than 12,000 years ago are leading researchers to better understand how the landscape now within Bering Land Bridge National Preserve once appeared. Additional studies could indicate whether the animal died naturally, or was hunted.

Skype Connects Maine Youngsters With Wild Alaska

As a fifth-grader living in Maine, you would probably not spend a typical Saturday night at town hall dancing with your parents and grandparents. But in Savoonga, Alaska, that would be the only choice.

U.S., Russia Move Closer To Sharing Their "Beringian Heritage"

Natural history and cultural heritages can't be constrained by political boundaries, which is one reason why it's good to see the United States and Russia working to forge ties through a “Shared Beringian Heritage Program." Through this program the proposed Beringia National Park in Chukotka would be linked with the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve and Cape Krusenstern National Monument in Alaska.

Applications Being Accepted for Research Projects In Denali and Other Alaskan Parks

The National Park Service and the Murie Science and Learning Center are seeking applicants for two research fellowships that are available to individuals wishing to conduct research in Denali National Park and Preserve and other arctic and subarctic Alaska national parks.

Array Of 17 Stations Will Help National Park Service Track Climate Events in Alaska

In the coming year technicians will install an array of 17 remote automated stations in five national park areas in northern Alaska to help the National Park Service track climate trends.

At Least 32 Muskox, Possibly More Than 50, Killed By Tidal Surge At Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

At least 32 musk oxen, and possibly as many as 55, have been killed by a tidal surge at Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, according to National Park Service researchers.

2010 National Park System Visitation Dips To 281.3 Million, Down 4.2 Million From 2009

Bad weather, lack of a presidential inauguration, and safety concerns along the Southwestern border with Mexico apparently were the major drivers behind a slight dip in 2010 visitation to the National Park System from 2009 levels.

Is Another "International Park" on the Horizon for the NPS?

The U.S. already has a cross-border park arrangement with Canada (Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park) and proposals for some type of agreement with Mexico across from Big Bend National Park have been floating around for decades. Now there's news of renewed interest in expanded cooperation with another country, but it doesn't involve either Canada or Mexico. Can you locate "Beringia" on a map?

Creature Feature: The Prehistoric-Looking Muskox is One Ice Age Relic That's Doing Just Fine

Thanks to translocations that began 80 years ago, herds of prehistoric-looking muskoxen once again roam Alaska’s tundra. Could these shaggy Ice Age survivors be emergent stars of the watchable wildlife world?

National Park Quiz 60: Bears

This week’s quiz will be a snap if you know your bears. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “Sporadic euthermal arousal imparts an episodic character to hibernation.”

National Park Quiz 20: The Last Frontier

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination has put Alaska in the national spotlight, so let’s orient this week’s quiz to the national parks of The Last Frontier. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write “Alaska’s state fish is the Oncorhynchus tshawytscha” 100 times on the whiteboard.