Fall Into Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Kills California Woman

Yellowstone National Park officials are trying to figure out how a 32-year-old woman fell to her death into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone just north of Tower Falls. The accident was reported Friday night and rangers spent the night in the canyon with the woman's body.

Park officials say Charlotte Harrison, of Beverly Hills, and her companion, a 39-year-old friend from Los Angeles, stopped at the Calcite Springs pullout Friday evening to take pictures of the area. Around 6:30 p.m. that evening rangers were alerted that a woman had fallen into the canyon.

A ranger rappelled 400-500 feet down into the canyon and confirmed that Ms. Harrison was killed from the fall. Due to the fading daylight and the ruggedness of the terrain, rangers stayed in the canyon with the body all night. On Saturday morning a helicopter was used to lift the woman's body out of the canyon.

The incident remains under investigation. Park officials ask that anyone who might have witnessed the fall call rangers at 307-344-2132.

Back in June 2006 this was the site of another fatal fall into the canyon. In that incident, a woman from Michigan stepped over the pullout's rock retaining wall and fell to her death.


i am so sorry that this has happend again. i really hope this was a accident and not foul play. may both women rest in peace.

From what I have heard, this could be foul play.

Foul play? In what way? Was something seen or heard unusual? How do you hear something like that?

Im not sure this was foul play, because I drove by this accident less than 5 minutes after it happened while another person was on the phone with the national parks. The male compainion was visibly in a panic and very very upset. I have a police scanner and listen to the whole incident both on Friday evening and Saturday morning. There were rocky mountain big horn sheep that people were taking pictures of and maybe she tryed to get a better look or camera shot and lost her footing?? None less it was very sad and my heart goes out to the family and friends of Charlotte Harrison.

How come we can't know the name of the "panic ridden" man who was with her? Who is this person who wrote this last comment. Why does everyone know Charlotte's name but not his? Somebody knows something. How about starting with Van Susteren or pictures of her with friends from myspace.

I scan all the news on Yellowstone daily, usually 2-3 times a day, and I haven't seen a bit of news about this since it happened. Almost anything is possible; people really can accidentally plunge to their deaths from that location, one could commit suicide, or one could commit homicide. No matter what, it's certainly tragic, and as far as has been reported, still a mystery.

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone seems to be amazing but I heard the park is not considered to be a good destination for mountaineering because of the instability of volcanic rock.

I'm reviving an old thread, because I wish I could revive my old friend (Charlotte).
Has anyone heard anything more about this, or have the authorities closed the investigation?

I honestly haven't heard a thing, and I keep track of the news coming out of Yellowstone every single day. I guess the person to contact is Al Nash, the press liaison in Yellowstone - at 307-344-2015.

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its been a year since this incident. has anyone heard anything about how her family is doing? I was an aquaintane of Charlotte's. I didn't know her very well but I've always wondered how her family is and if there was a memorial service for her.

Charlotte was a very dear old friend of mine and the entire event is horrible. I have not spoken to the family recently, but I have been to visit her grave and like her, it is beautiful. She is definately missed.

Was Charlotte put to rest in CA? We were best friends in childhood and I didn't hear until months after the incident what had happened. I tried to find her Mom's address to get in touch with her and she had moved from the last address I had. Any information you have would be appreciated. You can get in touch with me at

Anything new on this? Was she buried in Illinois? How come no obituary?

These tragic overlook "accidents" always make people wonder about them for years to come, especially when you cannot find any follow-up to the story anywhere. Surely someone has more information available on this. Surely an investigation must have taken place. Or maybe there is only suspicions and therefore no one will respond. Same goes for the Michigan woman. No one there but her husband and the kids stayed back in the car, seems like. Strange. The reason I am saying this is we were at Canyon de Chelley when the same thing happend. Woman went over the edge of one of the overlooks while trying to find her dropped contact lense, supposedly. Husband was wanting his picture taken with the Superintendent while the Rangers were out in the canyon trying to find her body, talked about his time in Vietnam, had his plans already made for the funeral, just having a jolly old time while the body hunt was going on. Made us all wonder, but there wasn't anything anyone could do about it.

I also have read nothing in years of daily covering the news. I can say that that spot is a place where a real accident really could happen. During ski season, it's a scary descent there on that narrow road. At any time of the year, an accident could happen ... or ... . That's no doubt part of the difficulty; you just wonder what came of the investigation. It was mysterious at the start, and then silence ...

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Its easy to fall in. Most parts don't have rails. I have pics of me and friends playing very close to the edge. If we slipped we would have fell to our death.

[Climbing is allowed in only a few areas of Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is not one of them. It's too dangerous to climb in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone because the volcanic rock is too brittle.]

Charlotte is buried in Santa Barbara

Family is fine, Mom moved away. She had a very discrete ceremony. We miss her a lot!

3 years later. Miss and love you, Charlotte.

Yes, three years later... I miss you Charlotte so much. I'm so sorry you died and I will always love you. You will always be in my heart.

Does anyone have a picture of Charlotte? I know she was in Beverly Hills.

❤ forever :-(

I was actually working in yellowstone when this incident occured. What was found was that she had stepped over a three foot retainting wall at the edge of the look out at tower falls to take a picture down into the canyon and over balanced. I actually stood at the spot and the grass and gravel on the other side of the retaining wall was only about six inches wide. Sorry for your loss but when I saw that no one had posted this information yet I thought I should. It was an absolutely tragic event and all of us workers felt for her and her family. I'm now an advocate for safety in the parks. Most injuries and deaths in the park are due to people getting so caught up in the beauty that they forget about warnings and signs. My thoughts are with the family still to this day.

You were working there when it happened? Do you have any information on the name of the guy with her? I am just desperately searching for some closure and any other details would be so appreciated. I am planning on a trip up there in the next month or so but I'm not sure if the area is closed off in the winter.