Poll: $80 ATB Fee is Too High

Well, it didn't attract a landslide of participation, but my poll on whether the $80 price tag attached to the America the Beautiful Pass was reasonable did indicate that that fee is too high.
Of the 59 folks who pondered my question, 44 -- or 75 percent -- said 'No," while just a quarter, or 15, thought it was reasonable
For those who believe it is too pricey, my recommendation is to buy a $50 National Parks Pass before year's end, as that will put off by a year the need to spend an extra $30 if you want an all-inclusive pass.


Your poll only reflects the opinion of liberal/leftists/socialists who visit your page and want everything for free...most good Americans think that $80 is a bargain.
I'm a liberal/leftist/socialist and I do think the $80 is a bargain. However, I do feel that the gov't is short-sighted in its thinking that user fees will help offset the budget crunch the NPS is in. Without adequate funding from Congress, there is no increase in fees that will cover the money needed to fund the basic needs of the parks.
Roger, You're starting to sound like Terry, so I'll give you the same response: READ what I've written. I haven't called for free entry to the parks, I have said the $80 fee continues to be a bargain. Then read Mookie's comment.