Big Bend Chatters

Bibedesert_copy I've never been to Big Bend National Park, but in light of the emails I received after my initial post about park chat rooms, I'm definitely going to have to find some time to get down there.
The emails reflected a pretty loyal following for this park and pointed to additional chat rooms and virtual sites that are great resources when it comes to planning a trip to Big Bend. So, if you're interested in learning more about the park, check out these sites:
Big Bend Chat
Virtual Big Bend
Virtual Big Bend Store
And then there are links to the Big Bend Natural History Association and the Friends of Big Bend.


Thanks for the promo.
In addition to the chat page, you can also view more than 750 of the Bend and area as posted by Big Bend Photos MSN group members. Membership is free with your hotmail or net passport account, and the general public is invited to join. For more information go to: Thanks! --Mark, Group Manager
thanks for the write up, kurt!